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Campus News with JD

Justin Dennison (who also goes by JD) is a Communications & New Media major at SMCC. Dennison will share editing responsibilities for Campus News with fellow editor Saima Sayed. Together they will work hard to keep everyone informed and up to date with what’s going on on-campus at both the Brunswick and South Portland campuses.

Growing up he attended multiple schools throughout Maine up until he graduated from Freeport High School and Region 10 Technical School in 2021 receiving honors from both. In his free time, Dennison enjoys gaming, cooking, working on his g35, watching true crime, and of course graphic design. After college Dennison has dreams of owning his own custom vinyl wrap shop where he will create designs to be featured on motor vehicles.

Campus News Editor, Justin Dennison

You can contact Dennison with any information or questions by clicking on his name in the staff box

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