Events, Entertainment, and More!

Elizabeth Johnson, better known as Liz, will be the new editor for the Events/Entertainment section of the SMCC Beacon. Writing is something she’s grown to love over the past five years and is something she plans on pursuing as a career, leaning more towards technical writing. This is her first year at SMCC as a Communications and New Media major and she is hoping to share her love of storytelling through journalism for her readers to enjoy. Her hobbies include creative writing, listening to and playing music, and a bit of video gaming. She will be doing school online this year.

Events and Entertainment Editor, Liz Johnson

As the editor of the Events/Entertainment section she plans on writing articles more focused on the local music and venues that the city of Portland has to offer. She will tap into the importance of local music and the effects it has on the community of Portland and South Portland as well as spotlighting local bands/artists and the new releases they put out. To her, this section can combine her love for writing and her love for music to create entertaining articles to put out each week. You can reach her through her email, elizabethajohnson3@smccme.edu.

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