Brand new Red Sox

Photo curtsey of Jonathen Brand of Brand signing his contract

Jonathan Brand was the 8th- round pick of the Boston Red Sox in the 2022 MLB draft. The 5’9’’, 200lbs pitcher was selected out of Miami University of Ohio. I was able to sit down with Brand and ask about the draft process 

First, what was the draft process like?

“The draft process was pretty crazy a lot of moving parts. On draft day, I was actually at a friend’s dad’s funeral. I got the call as soon as I walked out of the church. Pretty crazy timing.” 

What is it like to be drafted by the Red Sox? 

“I couldn’t be more thankful I got taken by such a historic organization. The scout that drafted me actually used to be the pitching coach at my college before I got there. So it was cool to get the call from a familiar voice.”

You played with 2021 Sox pick Jacob Webb at Miami University of Ohio. What’s it like to be reunited with him

Photo curtsey of Jonathen Brand Picture of Brand pitching


“I’m very excited to get back on the field with Webbie. Him and I talk fairly regularly and have stayed close since he graduated the year before me. He’s an awesome guy.”

What are you looking forward to most in 2023?

“I’m really looking forward to getting to an affiliate and having a full season there. It may sound weird, but I’m looking forward to seeing what the grind of a full season is like. I entered the portal after our season ended

How did you decide to to transfer to Auburn

“I was getting calls by just about any school you could think of. I had narrowed it down to a few schools, but Auburn being only 45 minutes from my hometown was what sealed the deal.”

Who was your favorite player, and who was your favorite team growing up?

Photo curtsey of Jonathen Brand
Picture of Brand pitching

“I was a very big Braves fan growing up being from Georgia. Favorite player was Chipper Jones.”

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