In Swish this week we will cover the Jazz, some trades and some rookie talk, the Lakers and much more.

 The first major thing is about Donovan Mitchell leaving the Jazz, which is big news because he was the only star left since Rudy Gobert is gone. The Jazz are now in rebuild mode and have gotten rid of their two main guys. Mitchell will now be playing on the Cavs, and Gobert will now be on Timberwolves.

Another thing going on in the media is whether Ben Simmons will actually play this year. Ever since he left Philly he hasn’t shown interest in wanting to play basketball. There were many trades in this off season, and it is looking like the east side will be pretty stacked this year, one of them being Murray coming to Hawks now too and how ill he do or adapt.

Let’s take a look at how Oklahoma City rookie Chet got hurt in a Pro-AM game. He was playing in a Jamal Crawford Pro Am game, and Lebron James was coming in for a lay up and they bumped into each other and now he has an injured Lisfranc. Which is (A Lisfranc injury, also known as Lisfranc fracture, is an injury to your bones or ligaments in the middle of your foot) to his right foot, and now that means he can’t play the entire season. His rookie year with that being said, that will make other NBA guys hesitant to play in those types of games now because they don’t want to injure their body before the start of the season. It’s very unfortunate he will not be able to play now, but there is also a chance for the number one pick to go out and play instead.

The Lakers have also made a lot of changes for this next season: a new coach, Darvin Ham, many new players coming in, some of last year’s players are off the team, but so far Russell Westbrook is remaining a Laker. By firing head coach Frank the Lakers offense will be completely different this  year, and Ham actually has some winning experience under his belt as well, so that’s always good to have. But the bigger issue for the Lakers right now is if Anthony Davis can stay healthy. If he and Lebron and Westbrook can all team up together I think it can be something special. Something new that the Lakers recently did was picking up Patrick Beverley, who has had problems with Westbrook in the past. So now those two will have to be teammates and actually get along to get the team together in order to win games.

Photo of Patrick By Frenchieinportland – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Photo of Russell Westbrook

Next, upcoming sports talk about the NFL pre- season, and how teams are preparing for the upcoming season, plus the super bowl champions, who will it be this year? The biggest talk is about the Rams, whether they can defend their title and remain champions. The Bengals and Bills are going to be contenders for this season as well. So, that’s all I have for this week and will be covering more information about sports upcoming.

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