Sunday night football into Monday night has been exciting to watch for the week of September 18/19. But just like every week, when these games are played, more injuries begin to occur.  One of the first injuries that occurred was the Bills cornerback Dane Jackson getting hurt. The injury happened Monday night and it was a scary neck injury. He had to be carried off on a stretcher after accidentally colliding with his own teammate during a tackle in the first half. However he was actually just released from the hospital Tuesday morning. The injury hurts the team because he just worked his way into a starting role this year being a second round draft pick.

The next latest news that occurred was on Monday night the Eagles played the Vikings. Eagles’ cornerback Darius Slay  the world he was still elite by having two picks in the game. He had many deflections on pass after pass, and the team managed to win 24-7. With his great defense, he became the only player with five-plus passes defensed and two interceptions in a game out of three seasons every year. At 31, Slay isn’t as young as many of the other corners in the league, making his exceptional play even more surprising.

I can’t talk about the Eagles without mentioning Jalen Hurts, their star quarterback. . Hurts went for 26-31 passing, and he had a completion rate of 83.9 for 333 yards. Hurts also had two touchdowns, with 11 carries and 57 rushing yards.He became the first player in NFL history to have an 80 completion game percentage(Completing majority of your passes?, along with 300 plus passing yards with two rushing touchdowns in one single game. Hurts has been really working hard this off season, and compared to last year he is off to a great start. Coach Nick Sirinni says Hurts has been working on his body/skills and has good love for this game, It’s not surprising that he’s having so much success.

This week in football exploded like a gun. Some great highlights to sit back watch and enjoy with your family. ESPN has come up with the new updated top 10  rankings. Which are the Bills at one, Chiefs at two, Eagles at three, Buccaneers at four, Packers at five, Rams at six. And then Chargers at seven, Dolphins eight,  49ers at nine and lastly Ravens at ten. So far, the NFL has gotten off to a great start, and I’m sure everybody is looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen in the future. And that is a wrap for Bang! Current live events. Stay tuned for more in future.


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