NBA Season Is Here

It’s showtime! The week of October 18th the NBA season will be finally starting. There is much excitement from NBA fans around the world who are happy for this moment. After a long wait, the season is now finally among us. The games being played tonight (Oct 18th) are the Lakers against the Warriors, who are the defending champions, and then the Celtics against the 76ers. One of the biggest media questions coming into this season is about how Lebron James is doing going into his 20th season. This is a big deal because as well as this being his 20th season, he also has a chance of breaking an NBA all-time record.

Lebron is currently 1,325 points shy of passing the all time NBA scoring record. The media thinks it could take him roughly 45 games to do so. This is the Lakers first season with head coach Darvin Ham. All of the Laker fans are excited to see what this season will bring, and what will be accomplished for this season. Another topic at hand is how well the Celtics and Warriors will do. Since they faced each other last year in the finals, the big question is ‘can both of the teams make it back to the finals again?’

Boston has had a head coach change as well, so going into the year could be challenging for them trying out how to win basketball games. The defending champions kept their same core of guys, so they actually might be able to make a run to go back-to-back. There are also lots of star players that were out last year due to injuries, and they are  now back and fully healthy, and some of the star players include Damian, Kawhi, Paul, Jamal, and Zion. With them back in their line up, that means it can be very challenging to beat their teams. Now that it’s officially showtime, we’ll see what these rosters can accomplish this year.

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