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Come Support Maine Needs at the East Bayside Halloween Fest This Weekend

A graphic promoting the festival and various businesses that will be present. Graphics courtesy of Becca Boucher.

Come out and trick-or-treat your way through all the best Portland breweries, bars, food trucks, and restaurants this Halloweekend at the East Bayside Halloween Fest. Over 30 businesses in the East Bayside neighborhood of Portland will be participating in a block party fundraiser event for local nonprofit Maine Needs, a community donation center that works to meet the basic needs of individuals and families across the state of Maine. The festival will be held on Saturday, October 29th, from noon to night and will feature a variety of festivities, including costume contests, dances, parties, live music, and more. All breweries and businesses involved in the event will donate a portion of their sales to Maine Needs. 

Goodfire Brewing Company and Lone Pine Brewing Company sponsored the event this year. Emma Guido, who runs the event management company Lost and Found Maine, conceptualized and organized the festival. Emma gave her reason for starting the festival in an interview, stating, “Last year, when COVID was starting to wind down a little bit, I had heard that there used to be a block party in the summer on Washington Avenue, and I thought that sounded so fun. So I just figured I’d gather businesses in the East Bayside area under the name Lost and Found in Maine and find a great community partner like Maine Needs, who needs the money. There’s always this contention in Portland about gentrification and this divide in income, the working class, and the people who are going out and checking out the breweries. So I figured if we’re going to give a platform to these really cool places of amazing talent and industry workers who work their butts off every day, then we should also raise money for a cause that could directly benefit the people who have been on the receiving end of negative outcomes of all of this growth in Portland.”

 Emma continued by saying, “For me, this was a way to meet people, to get involved in the community, and to contribute in the ways I could with my marketing skills. I can’t make cocktails, and I can’t brew beer, but I know how to market things. The Halloween Fest was essentially organizing businesses since everyone would be going to the breweries for Halloweeen weekend anyways. So I thought we should make it a community effort, get as many businesses to donate money as possible, and have fun activities and things going around town all day. It’s gonna be a day of events and costume contests, dog costume contests, musical performances, raffle contests, drink specials, dance parties, and more. So there’s definitely something to do at every hour this upcoming Saturday”. 

The block party will take place across the East Bayside neighborhood, but those interested in going can start at the Goodfire Brewing Company, which will be in the center of the action. Some of the many popular Portland businesses present at the event will include Iron Clad Eats, Coffee By Design, The Pink Waffle, Root Wild Kombucha, George’s North Shore, and more. 

The East Bayside Halloween fest is a free-to-the-public festival, although a donation to Maine Needs is encouraged. Anyone interested in the event can RVSP and donate here. 

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