From the Grass to the Hardwood 

Photo courtesy of Anna White. Photo of Anna White

I interviewed Anna White a freshman volleyball player at SMCC. She plays outside hitter.  White is from Buxton. She went to Bonny Eagle and is majoring in Pre-Nursing.

JO: What drew you to SMCC?

AW: What drew me the most to SMCC was the nursing program. The program allows me to get my associates degree in nursing while being close to home and to be able to work in a hospital within just a few years. 

JO: When and how did you start playing volleyball? 

AW: I started playing volleyball my freshman year of high school. I never knew about volleyball until I quit soccer after 8th grade. I played soccer my whole life and when I heard there was volleyball going on I decided to try out just for fun.

JO: What’s your favorite moment in your volleyball career?

AW: My favorite moment in my volleyball career was being named to 1st Team All Conference my senior year in high school as a right side hitter. It showed me how much I grew from a clueless freshman to a strong volleyball player and that I did have potential to continue my career as a volleyball player.

JO: What has been your favorite moment thus far this season?

Photo courtesy of Anna White. Photo of Anna White

AW: My favorite moment this year from volleyball has to be learning new skills from my volleyball coach. He’s pushed the team in so many ways to make us all succeed and play cohesively in just a short amount of time.

JO: Entering the final month, what are you looking forward to the most?

AW: Entering the final month I’m looking forward to playing Paul Smith and Central Maine again in hopes to pull off 3 sets successfully. I’m also looking forward to the conference championship and what the team can accomplish that day.

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  1. wow this aritcle was awesome! i think you did really well with your interviews of the players. i also really enjoyed how you included multiple pictures instead of just one.


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