Maine Ski Resort Takes Back It’s Orginal Name After New Ownership

The Maine ski resort formerly known as ‘Shawnee Peak’ has reverted to its original name ‘Pleasant Mountain’ as of September 14th, 2022. This announcement was made in honor of its 84th year of business in Bridgton after its founding in 1936. The state’s Civilian Conservation Corps, a public works program established a few years before in 1933, cleared a single ski trail on the western slope which quickly became popular to many local residents, and by 1938 a rope tow was built. The resort underwent new ownership in 1988, when the name ‘Shawnee Peak’ was chosen. Not many locals were happy about it. Pleasant Mountain supporters recently became vocal about restoring its original name after Boyne Resorts acquired the resort in October 2021, and after an overwhelming amount of positive feedback in a survey, Shawnee Peak was finally renamed Pleasant Mountain. 

Photo of Pleasant Mountain circa 2009

Pleasant Mountain is a part of the Boyne Resorts’ collection of New England resorts including Sugarloaf and Sunday River, two other ski resorts in Maine. Their new website is linked here for more information and 2022/2023 ski passes can also be purchased.

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