Libero: Best Passer

Emelia Lamie, the Libero [considered to be the best passer on the team that stays in the backcourt] of the SMCC volleyball team. She is from Rochester, N.H. and attended Spaulding High School in Rochester, and is majoring in Horticulture.

JO My first question is what drew you to Southern Maine Community College?

EL Well, I had originally gone to Central Maine. And their volleyball wasn’t the greatest and we were supposed to play SMCC at the time, but they didn’t have a team yet. I think this was like 2019. And then [I] took a gap year and wasn’t really sure what I wanted to come back to. And I saw that SMCC had horticulture and general plant study. And the [Coach] Garrett reached out to me, and said that he was starting up a volleyball team and saw that I had applied to the school and just kind of went from there.

JO Last night was senior night, obviously, and you guys played CMCC. “What did that mean for you as one of the seniors”? 

EL It meant quite a lot. Just seeing how much the underclassmen actually did for us. And seeing like, what Matt did for us with our cool framed pictures. And like, just seeing all the students come out, it was cool. Knowing it’s gonna probably be my last big home game,it definitely meant a lot.

JO You mentioned the younger teammates. What’s one thing you want to say to them kind of going forward with their volleyball career?

EL Just put your heart into everything. It’s not fun when you don’t give it your all,”and just don’t be afraid to put your all into it”.

JO And seeing a couple games, “I’m seeing you on the floor half the game, you know, trying to get some digs, everything. I believe I heard you lead the team digs? Is that something you’ve done throughout your career”?

EL Playing a Libero position itself didn’t really start until I want to say my freshman year of high school. All through middle school, I was just learning the ropes seeing what I was better at and was still just learning the basics. And [I was] also not the tallest, unfortunately. So playing back row and picking up those quick reflexes, just learning that more and more was a lot of fun for me. And I just found true love for it.

JO So obviously, everybody’s got a moment they look back to in their entire career. What’s that moment for you so far?

EL Honestly, I’ve had some good seasons and some bad seasons, good coaches, bad ones. But I really feel like this season is gonna stick with me the most. I know something about it, like just the team itself. We’ve really come together. And my playing.  My skill, personally, my skill level. I feel like it’s gotten a lot better this year.  I can feel confidence, in myself and with everyone. And I just felt something this season that I never really felt in the other seasons.

JO What was your favorite moment from just this season in particular?

EL In this particular season, oh that’s tough. Honestly, our game against UMaine Fort Kent on Sunday, because they were one heck of a team. They were really good and we kept up with them. I had some really good plays. Everyone else had really good plays and had their really good moments. Of course, we didn’t end up winning but it was just a really fun game to play.

JO You mentioned Coach Garrett earlier. What has he meant to you personally?

EL Coach Garrett is hands down the best coach that I’ve ever had  ever known ever experienced. He’s always there for us like whether it’s anything personal, anything  on the court, he is willing to change up some stuff to like, see other people’s needs, like he kinda, he’ll switch up practices to fix what individual players need to work on. But he’s just hands down just a great guy.

Emilia Lamie stats from the 2022 Volleyball season:

PointsPoints per setHitting PercentageAssistsDigsKillsBlocks

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