Happy Hearts and A Walk of Purpose

A walk through Back Cove trail and a strong willed purpose that follows suit. The 2023 Maine Heart Walk, motos “A mile a life saved.” A dream to continue on in the means of change, and a walk is all it takes. Join your friends, family and co-workers to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives. Keeping our hearts and minds healthy can often be a tedious task, especially when stress chips away at us each and everyday. We’re all tied to heart disease and stroke in some way, and we must change that. I myself know someone who struggles with heart disease, and for them and all others, I have a desire to do something productive, something that will help.

The annual Heart Walk is an awesome opportunity to both spread awareness of the perils of heart disease and help aid the cause overall. The Maine Heart Walk has always been a great way to get moving while socializing with friends, family and co-workers leading up to and on the day of the event. But it’s so much more than a walk. Walking in the Heart Walk boosts your heart health and mental health while helping millions of others at the same time! With those who have and are currently being affected by heart disease, the Happy Heart Foundation strives to continue making changes, allowing more and more people to participate in their annual walk through Back Cove trail. According to the American Heart Association, there are plenty of reasons why people walk every year. If I were to walk in this event, I’d walk for my grandmother. For the last few years of her life she carried the weight that comes with heart disease. To her it was a minor factor, she had always looked on the brighter side of things, as many do when life doesn’t go to plan. So if I had the chance to walk, I’d walk for her.

Did you know that cardiovascular disease occurs every 39 seconds and is the number 1 killer of all Americans? Heart disease also kills more women than all forms of cancer combined. Which to me, that thought is terrifying to think about. Going back to the walk itself, would you be the type of person to walk alongside so many others and if you were to walk, who would you walk for? 

For anyone who may be interested in participating in the Maine Happy Heart Walk, here’s a website for more information on how to register, donate and lend a helping hand. 

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