The Jay’s Dominance


The Boston Celtics have started the new NBA season hot. After falling short to the Golden State Warriors last season, they came into this 2022-23 with a championship on their shoulder. Now in week 5 the Celtics are already number 1 in the east, passing the Bucks. The Celtics record is currently 11-3, largely due to the playmaking by Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Jayson has averaged 30 points in his last 4 games and Jaylen has averaged roughly 25 points per game which is two impressive stats.

Photo of Jaylen Brown: By All-Pro Reels –, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Therefore, having the two Jay’s on your team has given the Celtics complete dominance. Not many backcourts in the NBA can have guys scoring 25 + per game, that is hard to match. Currently the Celtics are also on a six game winning streak, and these two stars are making a name for themselves in the league. Jayson is even shooting an impressive 65% currently, and is proving he can play both sides of the ball. The Celtics have already beaten some teams with good defensive ratings as well so overall, they have started strong.

Nobody expected them to start as well, considering all the drama that has occurred by losing head coach Ime Udoka. For them to lose him right before the season started suddenly is a downfall, and on top of that they also lost one of their best defenders, Rob Williams. Rob had to get surgery on his knee during the off season, so the Celtics had to start without him. With those two factors nobody would have believed they would have such a good start for the season. Can the Celtics keep up their winning streak or will it come to a sudden downfall?

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