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Troubles at Surf Site

SMCC has two dorms located on its South Portland campus. Those being Spring Point, and Surf Site. The Surf Site building is much newer than Spring Point. However, in recent years Surf Site has not been earning a good reputation for itself. Issues like mold, crowded bathrooms, and the overall cleanliness of the building have been playing a massive role in creating this lousy reputation

Back in august of 2018, there was a mold outbreak that forced over 300 students to leave the dorms right as the semester was starting. Testing identified multiple different kinds of mold, that included low levels of black mold. SMCC took care of this issue promptly. However, recently there has been another mold outbreak within the surf site dorm. 

To learn more about what is going on in Surf Site, I have reached out to somebody that discovered the mold. This is what they had to say.

When did you discover the mold?

“Just this week, although I have to admit it’s always been a greasy room. One of my posters fell down and revealed the problem.”

What kind of mold is it?

“There are actually two different kinds. Black mold, which has been spreading out from behind the refrigerator for longer than anyone knows, and an unidentified mold that was in my roommate’s mattress. I have to add that it was his own mattress he brought in. So far, the SMCC mattresses have been clean.”

How bad is the mold situation?

“Nasty, and so bad that I’ve had to throw out a lot of things and sanitize a lot of what I’ve kept.”

Are you experiencing any health issues due to the mold?

“No, although thinking about it makes me nauseous. I’m worried about my roommate, who was having trouble breathing at night before we discovered the mold.”

Did you have to leave your dorm room because of the mold?

“Yes. As soon as we discovered it and brought it up with reslife, it was an immediate evacuation.” 

Has SMCC handled the situation?

“Quickly and professionally. I can’t blame facilities for not cleaning out the back of every refrigerator after every semester. That said, this is just another incident in a long list of misfortunes to befall to Surfsite this year.”

How does this make you feel about living in the dorms at SMCC?

“I was living at Spring Point for the last year and the worst thing that happened to me was that we ran out of water pressure for a weekend. I haven’t even been at Surfsite for a whole semester and I’ve had to deal with the sewage, asbestos scare, crowded proximity, and uncontrollable bathrooms. Nothing surprises me anymore.”

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