A Kiss Goodbye to SMCC Volleyball

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Kiss

It has been a pleasure to interview some willing volleyball players at Southern Maine Community College. The Seawolves volleyball team has been an amazing group of athletes to interview for The SMCC Beacon sports section. The typical starting question is: What drew you to SMCC? This question always nets a different, unique answer and for Lauren Kiss, she let me know that it’s close to home and she has always loved the ocean so being on campus is very relaxing to her.  Readers are encouraged to comment on these interviews and to support the Seawolves.

JO: When and how did you start playing volleyball? 

LK: I started volleyball my freshman year of high school. It was a new program and I played softball my whole life, so I wanted to try a new sport. From then on, I was a dual sport athlete throughout high school up until my freshman year of college. I was contacted by the previous coach (Nicole Kane) at SMCC who recruited me to play volleyball.

JO: What’s your favorite moment in your volleyball career? 

LK: My favorite moment in my career would be being able to help start the college program my first year here in 2020. It brought me back to high school when I helped start that program as well back in 2016. 

JO: What has been your favorite moment thus far this season?

LK: So far this season my favorite moment has been being able to bond and help the freshman adjust to the college atmosphere as well as helping them advance their skill level.

JO: As a senior, what’s one thing you want to tell the younger girls? 

LK: To soak up the time you have on the court and to go all out, the season is too short, and the years fly by before you know it.

Lauren Kiss stats from the 2022 Volleyball season:

PointsPoints per setHitting PercentageAssistsDigsKillsBlocks

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