A Crisp Burn

by Jessica Spoto

My brain is dead 

Fried, exhausted, a crisp burn, a charred kinda crumble 

Ready to disappear , disintegrate, disperse, dissolve into the universe 

Time seems so fitting for this reality 

My eyes grow fuzzy

Body floating into outer space to a land far away from reality in which is the present

Heavy weighted gravity forces my body down to earth

Eyes grow weak, mind grows loose 

How many rivers can I cry before I drown? 

Numbness grows cold like a blanket tossed over me , sharply 

Head tilted, falling over 

Frozen, blinking blindly into the calm of the storm

Yet in the storm there is no calm

Just a weighted set of sadness

A pair of indescribable reality.

I have fallen once again.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Spoto

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