The end of Another Year on the Court

Photo of SMCC volleyball player. Photo taken by Justin Ouellette

The SMCC Volleyball team had its season end at the hands of Central Maine Community College. To begin the season, the Seawolves beat New Hampshire Technical Institute in straight sets 3-0. This started a trend of struggling against the Mustangs of CMCC when they lost three sets to one. They then won back-to-back against Massasoit Community College and Great Bay Community College. Three and one, they entered their next meeting with the Mustangs where they lost three sets to one. They then hosted Northern Essex Community College and won in straight sets 3-0. Look back and see the (The Seawolves Slay the Knights – The SMCC Beacon) covering that game. NHTI got their revenge, beating the Seawolves in straight sets in New Hampshire, starting a road trip for the Seawolves. Next, they took a trip to Boston to play Bunker Hill Community College, where they won in straight sets. Their final stop was in Randolph Vermont to play Paul Smith’s College, where they ended up losing three sets to one. They returned home for their final match of the month, where they played Great Bay. They won that match three sets to one. For a full recap of the game, read this (Wolves down Herons – The SMCC Beacon). In September the Seawolves went six and four. To open October, the Seawolves had a rematch with Great Bay, and again as they did the previous two matches won. This match was three one Seawolves. Sadly, this was the final win for the Seawolves, as they went on a six-game losing streak. One match to Paul Smith. One on senior night against Bay Path, three to CMCC. One of those CMCC losses as well as the loss to University of Maine Fort Kent is highlighted here (Tough Day on the Court – The SMCC Beacon. The final team recorded 7-10. 

Looking back at the season, there were great games and games where the team struggled, but they all gave it their all. To me, the top three performers from the season are Rachel Pardi, Emilia Lamie, and Anna White. Honorable mentions to Lauren Kiss and Jordan Bickford. 

Pardi was first team all conference, and led the team in points with 214.5. Emileia Lamie led the team in digs with 124, and Anna White was second in points and digs with 100.5 points and 99 digs.

Rachel Pardi reflects on this season, “I would say that this season was by far one of my favorites because of my team and my coaches. They made a really big difference for me this year and I was really given the opportunity to be more involved in the team and the sport. As I said before, I was hesitant to play, but this season changed that for me and I was able to get back the love I once had for volleyball. So I’m extremely grateful and happy for how the season turned out, regardless of our record and all of the technicalities.”

Ashley Savage remembers “That as a freshman not knowing anybody on the team, everyone was incredibly welcoming and supportive. We definitely grew a lot as a team while the season progressed and I personally learned a lot. My coach Garret Lewellen too was a huge role model to me. He forced me to not give up when I wanted to, and he pushed me to my full potential and I will always be grateful for that. I’m definitely going to miss a lot of the girls that are graduating next year. This volleyball team really became a second family to me.”

Photo of the SMCC volleyball team. Photo taken by Justin Ouellette

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