An Unexpected Friend

Getting a pet is something many people look forward to doing at some point in their life. Most people prefer pets like dogs or cats and often never consider the chances of getting a reptile pet. However, it would help if you considered getting a Bearded Dragon for many different reasons. Bearded Dragons are among some of the most popular reptiles for people. There are many different factors that influence this pet’s choice. They are just fun, affordable, and relatively easy to care for once the proper research has been done. 

What do bearded dragons even do? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Not much. You will often find your dragon enjoying his time under his basking light. If you decide to take them out of their cage they will want to explore, as that’s what they would do in their natural habitat. But many bearded dragons will eventually find somewhere they like and lay down and be lazy. That’s just what they like to do. 

A bearded dragon can be a perfect choice for someone looking for a relatively low-maintenance pet. Bearded dragons are one of the easiest reptiles to care for. They are relatively small in size and weight and that also plays a role in keeping low maintenance. An average bearded dragon can grow up to 2 feet in length, which means they will be a good size for easy handling their whole lives. They will require little time and effort to feed and clean their house. They will need food, water, and a cage. However, they also will require a proper heat source that is used for their enclosure. 

 When compared to other popular pets like dogs or cats, bearded dragons are actually pretty inexpensive. While vet care for cats can cost you thousands of dollars, veterinary checkups for bearded dragons are much cheaper. Their diet also contributes to their affordability as feeding a bearded dragon is not that expensive. They only eat plants, vegetables, insects, and water. Setting up the ideal home for a bearded dragon costs anywhere from $400-$600 depending on what you want their enclosure to have in it.

There are many things you need to remember and take into consideration when owning a reptile. You will have to feed your bearded dragon live insects. It’s vital to feed live insects as dead insects can harm your dragon and even make them sick. One of the biggest risks/concerns with bearded dragons is salmonella. Bearded dragons can carry around salmonella on their bellies. If safety precautions like washing your hands aren’t performed after handling your bearded dragon, you may be exposed to Salmonella. Ensure you wash your hands immediately after handling your dragon or touching anything in its cage. If you do plan on getting a bearded dragon at any point in your life please remember to do all the research you can before bringing one into your home as they need many different things in order to be happy and healthy in their new home. 

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