Photo of Sage Cormier. Picture taken by Justin Ouellette

Sage Cormier, a former classmate of mine from Lewiston High School (Lewiston Maine), now attends Central Maine Community College and was kind enough to chat with me about her volleyball career so far at CMCCWhen asked why she was drawn to CMCC, she stated that it was the athletics and the volleyball coach, in particular.In high school I knew Sage as a basketball player, so playing volleyball was a shock to me as I only knew Sage as a basketball player. She tells me that she had some bad experiences with coaches and how it was something new for her to try. As with everyone in life there is a moment that is their favorite and for Sage that was when CMCC won the Conference Championship against Paul Smith University. However, she can’t remember a good moment from her high school basketball days. Sage informs me that at CMCC it feels more like a family across all sports teams and how they support the coaches and vice versa and that you can count on the coaches being there for you. Personal circumstances kept her from trying out for the soccer team. Sage is a huge Duke basketball fan, so I asked her what drew her to them and was there a player she wanted to emulate. “So my dad got my hooked-on Duke and I didn’t try to emulate any player, but I’ve followed Jayson Tatum all the way through and now into the NBA he is definitely my favorite player.” For Sage, her first volleyball practice in high school was definitely interesting since she had never tried the sport before, but most of the motions are similar to softball so they came naturally to her. When she got to CMCC it was a challenge since she had only one season of experience playing. “The transition from high school to the collegiate level was definitely different but exciting at the same time.”

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