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(Opinion) The Deliberate Attacks on U.S. Power Stations

This past week, two power stations were attacked in Moore County leaving 45,000 people without power. The true motives of the attack aren’t confirmed, but it was rumored to be over a drag show. There are active Right-Wing Extremist groups in Moore County such as the Citizens for Freedom militia, which were present on January 6th. Members of this group were claiming they knew why the attack happened. This wasn’t an isolated attack; there have been targeted attacks on Power Substations across the United States for the past few months. 

Photo by Gavin Chambers

Washington and Oregon have had 6 attacks on power stations in November alone. The attacks in the Pacific Northwest weren’t as impactful as the Moore County outage, but the rate of the targets is alarming. The utility companies in the PNW have released sparse information as the investigation is ongoing. All of the damages have since been repaired to the stations in Oregon and Washington. 

These aren’t the only states with targeted attacks on substations as Florida saw multiple incidents in September. Duke Energy, a utility company in Florida, saw 6 substation events. On September 21, 2022, there was an instance of forced entry causing a 9-minute power outage. The following day, a similar event 50 miles away resulted in a second outage lasting only 2 minutes. Duke Energy’s substations in Bay Ridge Florida had two forced entries from intruders on September 10th and 13th.  The true motives for the attacks is unclear, but there’s weight to the suspicions of Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists acting out. It’s possible that these attacks are in a similar vein to the pizzagate phenomenon. Qanon and affiliate groups were attacking Pizza joints alleging conspiracies of human trafficking. The trend of the past few years is that when there have been nationwide attacks on similar targets, it has oftentimes been traced to online conspiracies. The attacks on the power stations are connected to Right Wing extremism and could be a precursor to more attacks on America’s infrastructure.

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