Meta Threatens to Remove US News From Facebook

A new law aimed at helping smaller news organizations is currently in the works in the United States. The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act would make it easier for these smaller outlets to negotiate with social media companies on ad revenue. This means that these news outlets could potentially charge companies such as Facebook to have news on their platform. Not everybody is a fan of this law, however, social media companies are showing the biggest pushback against the new legislation. Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has said that they feel the law is unnecessary as Facebook already draws people to these smaller outlets, increasing their digital traffic. According to the BBC, “Meta spokesperson Andy Stone said: “If Congress passes an ill-considered journalism bill as part of national security legislation, we will be forced to consider removing news from our platform altogether.”

While removing U.S. news from Facebook sounds crazy, it would not be the first time Facebook has taken such action. In March of 2021, Australia implemented a very similar law that gave smaller news outlets more power in the world of advertising. This law led Facebook to shut down news on their platform for Australian users as a whole. These laws also help to show just how much power these social media companies have over what people see everyday on their feeds. This can only lead somebody to wonder if social media is a good source for news at all.

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