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The Spring Point Tavern is a little bar located right next to the South Portland campus. It is popular with locals and students at SMCC. Every year the tavern host’s an event called Adopt-A-Family. Families in need can request donations for Christmas for their children. Currently, there are 3 people in need I will list them below and what they are requesting.

Child 1. Age: 11 Gender: Female  Wishes: winter coat, boots, makeup Clothing Size: M-L/6 Adult Shoe Size: 7 women’s

Child 2. Age: 13 Gender: Female Wishes: sweatpants, comfy clothes, winter coat, boots, and a keyboard Clothing Size: M/4 Adult Shoe Size: 8.5 women

They have also adopted a retired veteran. Richard is an amputee that has recently lost his house due to frozen pipes exploding. He is now living in senior housing after being homeless for a few months. He shops at Hannaford and would be highly grateful for a gift card there. He could also use sweatpants, size: medium, and sweatshirts size: large. He would also like a “grabber” to reach items easily around his apartment. Twin bedding and a new throw rug would also be helpful.

Donating during the holidays is an awesome way to help people and even make yourself feel good. If you would like to make a donation then bring it to the Spring Point Tavern. For more information email them at or call 207-799-2245.

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