Photo courtesy of Yorberto Mejicano. Photo of Yorberto Mejicano

Yorberto Mejicano was an international signing of the Boston Red Sox out of the Dominican Republic in 2019. For these young athletes from other countries, international signing day is a huge day, but he had a slightly different experience as he tells me that “International signing was kind of hard for me cause Latin guys used to sign pro contracts when they’re sixteen and I got signed when I was 18.” He goes on to mention that before getting signed he had hard moments like missing family and stuff like that. While he was born in Venezuela, he never played baseball there. He got signed a month ago which was one of his goals for the past year. He is so excited knowing he will play this year in his country. Before being a catcher, he used to play infield. When he got to the Dominican Republic his agent made him a catcher. He says that he used to play catcher when he was younger and that he just wanted to be a pro baseball player, I didn’t have any excuses There were a lot of moments that stood out to Mejicano but the ones that stand out the most are the walk-off wins. Heading into 2023 he has been working on a couple of weaknesses that he had from the past year. He is just trying to fix his weaknesses and make them skills. He is hoping to get promoted to the next level.

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