Jaret Goodman was the 19th round pick of the Boston Red Sox in the 2022 Major League Baseball first year player draft. 

Photo courtesy of Jaret Godman Photo of Jaret Godman

Godman tells me that “draft day was an awesome day for me. It was a day that my family and I had been looking forward to for awhile and I am just more than grateful for the belief they had in me my whole career and the opportunity that God has provided me with.”

Godman played his college ball at Oklahoma and walked me through the transition to pro ball “my transition from Oklahoma to pro ball was pretty smooth. I think it felt that way because of the guidance and coaching that I received at Oklahoma. They do it right there and the talent that you go up against every day in the big 12 is hard to beat. Being challenged in that way helped me push myself every day.”

His favorite moment from last season at Oklahoma was going to Omaha and playing in the national championship. The journey that their team took was insane and just fun to be a part of such a close group of guys.

For this season he is looking forward to the new relationships that he will be able to build with the new group of guys and the new coaching that he will be able to work with to try and develop his game that much more.

Growing up the pitcher Goodman looked up to most was Trevor Hoffman. He loved the way he competed on the mound and it was just awesome to watch. 

Photo courtesy of Jaret Godman Photo of Jaret Godman

His favorite team growing up was the Boston Red Sox because my mom grew up on Cape Cod every summer and his uncle was a big Red Sox fan so he said that they have always pulled for Boston.

Godman played his college ball with Wyatt Olds, a 2021 draft pick of the Red Sox. He tells me what it’s like to be reunited with Olds “I am very excited to be in the same organization as Wyatt. Him and I were right at Oklahoma, and we have a lot of similarities in our delivery so I think we will be able to take a lot of pointers from each other.”

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