Run It Back

Photo of Brandon Cellucci, Photo curtesy of Brandon Cellucci

Brandon Cellucci was the 12th-round pick of the Boston Red Sox in the 2019 Major League Baseball first-year player draft.

Cellucci tells me that “Draft day was a great experience for me. I got to soak in all the emotions because I was all alone.” He just sat on his couch and got the call and took a moment to be thankful that all his work paid off.” He tells me that his transition from college to the pros was tough. He mentions how “In college, you have to look out for a few players. In pro ball, you have to look out for everyone. It’s good though because you can’t get any better unless the game demands more out of you.” His favorite moment of the 2022 season was clinching playoffs in AA with the Sea Dogs. He is looking forward to taking all the hard work he has done this off-season and letting it show on the field. The pitcher that Cellucci always looked up to was José Fernandez and his favorite team was the Red Sox.

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