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Photo of Maceo Campbell
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of Maceo Campbell

Maceo Cambell is an undrafted free agent of the Boston Red Sox. He signed from the 2020 Major League Baseball First-year player draft out of Longwood University.

The 2020 draft was only five rounds. In prior years it was 40, so the pool of players getting drafted was smaller, which meant a lot of players signed as undrafted free agents. Campbell tells me that he was entering his junior year at Longwood. He acknowledges how for every junior their dream is to be taken in the draft. He points out that he was pitching very well to begin the season and even moved to the Saturday night spot. Entering the draft, Campbell had never had contact with the Red Sox, but instead the Yankees. The Red Sox were the first team to call, and he took it because he was grateful for the opportunity he was given and would take any opportunity that presented to him. After all, it was not about money but the ability to live out his childhood dream. Longwood had a very tough schedule while Campbell was there. He didn’t pitch many innings, but when he did, it was against the top teams like Auburn and North Carolina State. Campbell looks back at a relief appearance against NC State and how Campbell sat 94 to 95 miles per hour and topped at 96. He had two strikeouts in front of a lot of scouts.

A moment that he looks back on from the 2022 season was his promotion to Greenville. He pitched very well in Salem. After a game that he did not pitch in, this was a game he wanted to pitch in. The pitching coach called him to the manager’s office. This was around the time people started getting released and moved around. The manager tells him that he was sorry that he will have to finish his season at Greenville. Even though the game didn’t go the way they wanted, they were joyful for Campbell. Campbell is looking forward to showing his maturity on the mental side. Last season he had a hiccup at the end of the season, and it was nothing physical but on the mental side. He is excited to come in and show that he can perform all season long.

When Campbell played kid pitch growing up, he was one of the hardest throwing players. He even played on an older team as a ten-year-old with twelve, and turning thirteen years old, where he didn’t play much. When Campbell was twelve, he started playing more. From thirteen to fifteen, he played third and first base. As a result, Campbell lost a little of his arm strength. From fifteen to sixteen, he did more long tosses because he was to be pitching more and needed to throw harder. Growing up, Campbell loved Madison Bumgarner but never tried to emulate anyone because there was no pitcher that he could see himself as. Growing up he was a Washington Nationals fan but points out that he is now a Boston Red Sox fan.

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