Budget Friendly Laundry Hacks

Laundry, everyone does it because everyone wears clothes, so why not save some money while you’re at it? This is Jess, reporting live from the laundry room at Southern Maine Community College, and I will be informing you on ways to save money on laundry while living on a tight budget. Most of us have a specific laundry product we use. Maybe we use a certain laundry detergent because we love the fragrance or it’s the way that it makes our clothes feel or it’s just a brand that we’re so loyal to that we just have to use it because it’s familiar to us. Not to worry, I’m not going to tell you to buy a different laundry detergent and other laundry items but what I will tell you is there are ways you, yes you, can save money by still using the laundry products you know so well. 

Photo taken by Jessica Spoto

There’s a sneaky way to cut down on how much you actually need to keep those clothes soft,  fresh and clean. I usually like to fill the laundry detergent cap up, the whole cap, yes right to the tippy top and then dump that directly into the washing machine onto my clothes. Yet according to, “Liquid detergent requires the highest amount – usually two tablespoons, give or take, per load, or two teaspoons if you have a high-efficiency washing machine. With many powder formulas, the recommended amount is about a quarter of a cup.”  A liquid laundry cap is more than just two tablespoons. Oh dear budget gods, what was I thinking? Don’t waste money like I did by filling the cap, two tablespoons will do the trick. 

What do you think of this laundry hack?

Another fun laundry budget-saving hack is to cut those dryer sheets right in half. Snip, snip down the middle, this will double the amount of dryer sheets you have to use.  Dryer sheets come in boxes that range from 30 sheets all the way up to 250 and beyond. Now double that and save yourself that coin! 

I hope these frugal tricks save you lots of money on your laundry in the future. As thrifty, frugal, budget-conscience students, every penny counts. Now go out there champ and get your clothes freshly clean on a ballin’ budget. 

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