Michigan State’s Tragedy

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Another tragic shooting took place on February 13, 2023 at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, resulting in three deaths and five injuries. Shootings like these make us sit back and wonder if we all will make a change and move forward to help improve the safety of all of our students in the U.S.

The thought that crosses everyAmerican’s mind when a headline like this reaches social media is “When will this all stop?” These killings strike fear into millions of Americans, and makes us question the safety of our own loved ones at school. Anthony McRae is the prime suspect of the shooting, a 43 year-old man who seems to have no connection to Michigan State University, which makes his attack even scarier. Michigan State Police said “McRae had a two-page note that listed threats against Michigan State, two New Jersey schools, and 13 local businesses, including a Meijer grocery store chain warehouse where he had previously worked.” McRae’s anger resulted in a provocation of violence. This brings fear into nearly every American; as it is 2023 and these shootings are still taking place. 

Police officials found that the guns used were purchased legally but not registered. McRae was found dead four miles away from the MSU campus in East Lansing. ABC News reported that the police “interviewed McRae’s father who indicated that his son rarely left his room and had no friends.” Isolation seems to be an ongoing issue behind tragedies like this.

On February 15th, countless Michigan State Spartans gathered around campus and mourned the three students who lost their lives. This gathering included a speech from the MSU president and pure reflections on the events and the lives that were lost. The following day, February 16th, groups of students gathered around the Michigan Capitol to protest for a change in gun laws. Most Americans know someone who has been affected by gun violence throughout their life. Change obviously needs to be made, 

The impact this leaves not on the MSU community but the United States overall. Think of the news families can receive at any moment; hearing that their innocent child was killed in one of these disheartening attacks. Even in South Portland, it makes you wonder if we are safe attending our classes at school here at SMCC. We hope in the future, our country can find a way to put an end to gun violence once and for all. The day that our country completes that is the day we can live in peace.

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