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Portfolio Day at MECA&D

Job interviews and presentations can cause anxiety for many. For me, it was Portfolio Day at the Maine College of Art and Design (MECA&D). I am a Communications and New Media major, and it is my last semester at SMCC. Communications and New Media students are required to take a class called senior portfolio in their final semester. Senior portfolio covers the production of an effective portfolio displaying the specific skills of each student, and the skills required to move forward in a career. On April 13th, several other Communications and New Media students and I had the opportunity to showcase our portfolios at MECA&D.

Claire Christensen, who graduated from SMCC two years ago, and is now graduating from MECA&D.
Beacon Staff Photo.

Portfolio Day gave SMCC students and MECA&D an opportunity to share their portfolios with a variety of professionals ranging from creative directors to independent designers. The goal of the event was for students to receive feedback on their portfolios. I was anxious for weeks thinking about Portfolio Day. I would look at other students’ portfolios and compare them to mine. I would end up becoming more anxious because I thought my work wasn’t good enough. I didn’t want to go. I expressed my anxiety to my professor and classmates. To my surprise, many other people were feeling this way. It made me feel more comfortable knowing that I wasn’t the only one nervous about the event.

When I arrived at MECA&D on April 13th, I felt my heart pounding and my legs were weak. I walked into a large room filled with other SMCC students sitting at their tables and getting their portfolios ready. I sat down at my table and set up my portfolio, but my anxiety was overpowering me. My hands were shaking, and my mind was drawing a blank. Suddenly, the event started. The event format was fast paced. For the first hour each student has six reviews, each 10 minutes long. That might seem like a lot of time, but it wasn’t. It takes a good amount of time to explain who you are and each art piece and answer any questions. My conversations with the professionals often ran past the 10-minute mark. As each professional sat down with me, I felt more relaxed. I would begin the review by saying, “Sorry I’m so nervous,” and they completely understood. One professional answered by saying, “I’m a graphic designer, I’m always nervous!” I laughed and felt instantly more comfortable. 

Portfolio Day provided me with some great insight. I was able to perfect my portfolio because of the feedback I received. I am so proud that I didn’t listen to my anxiety and decided to go to the event. One professional told me that I should be proud of what I have in my portfolio, and it gave me so much confidence. If I hadn’t gone, I would never had heard that, and I wouldn’t feel as confident with my portfolio.

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