C’mon America. Let’s Be Better.

By Zaq Guiod

The first of three migrant caravans from Central America is still 700 miles away from the U.S. border, and won’t arrive for another month. But if you go on Fox News, it’s all you’re going to hear about. If you look at our president’s Twitter feed, you would think we are facing an invasion from an army that wants to destroy America. This is nothing but fear mongering mixed with xenophobia. The people in the caravans are fleeing violence, and turning them away without hearing their case for asylum is reckless and endangers innocent human lives.

In 1939 a German ocean liner, the St. Louis, came to America with its 937 passengers, most of whom were Jewish. They came seeking asylum and we denied their cries for help and sent them back to their countries. Over a quarter of the ship’s population was later killed in the Holocaust.

America must learn from history. If we send these asylum-seekers from Central America, who are fleeing record levels of violence, back to their home countries, many of them will die. We should follow both U.S. and international law and listen to the pleas of this group of desperate  people. 

Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen. In response to the caravans, the president has ordered 15,000 troops to the border, the first of which arrived on Friday. They are practicing drills and putting up fencing topped with barbed wire. According to the Washington Post, deploying the military to the border could cost up to $200 million. This is not only a waste of our country’s money, it is another stain on our already horrific human-rights record.

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