Bring Back the Poets!

by Celina Simmons

Poetry has a way of bringing people together, despite whatever differences appear on the surface. Poetry digs deeper than that. It’s when the pen and your hand start to have a mind of their own and words begin to spill out. That’s when it comes from the heart.

In past semesters, SMCC’s Midcoast community recognized this once a month at their Poetry Gatherings. Facilitated by Derek Meader, he has hopes of getting this up and running once again.

The events were open to all students, staff, and the public outside SMCC. They welcomed anyone who came to read their own poems or ones they enjoyed that were written by someone else. Derek Meader shared, “Every now and again a member of the public would show up and read as well.”

There was no pressure to read, though. In fact, many students came to sit and listen, which was just as meaningful. Some poems get personal and raw. As a poet myself, standing up in front of people and reading something like that can make one feel almost vulnerable. Having engaging and respectful listeners is support that goes a long way.

If this is an event that you would love to see around Midcoast again, please contact Derek Meader (dmeader@smccme.edu) for more information or to see how you can help to get it back in action.

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