Electric Cars Now Exciting

Ian Kerr

Electricity is the Exciting Future

Electric cars have evolved into something great, and desirable for the automotive enthusiast, or any individual who has an interest in cars. In the past electric cars were not something anyone would lust after, an association with golf carts was too much ingrained in our minds.

Photo by jae park on Pexels.com

Taking a very brief look at the history of the electric car in the modern era, it is easy to see why there was not much of an interest in the electric car by enthusiasts.  Example: the Mitsubishi i-MiEV was one of the first all electric cars sold in the North American market. It could be mistaken for a fancy golf cart, and its range was 100 miles. It was not something that, beyond a functional point of view, would be considered cool, stylish, or desirable by most people. This car was launched in the late 2000’s, with deliveries having begun in the United States in 2011.

Photo by Spicy Photographer on Pexels.com

This is not long ago at all. The work of dissolving this stigma has to be almost completely credited to Tesla. Say what you will about things like panel gaps, and other build quality issues, the Tesla has asserted itself as a dominant force among the luxury oriented, aspirational brands. The likes of Lexus, Porsche, Audi among others. This change is due in no small part that the Tesla accelerates extremely fast, not something previously associated with environmentally friendly cars. Some of the Tesla models are as fast as most any performance cars (in a straight line, while suffering poor brakes, with legacy automakers’ super sports cars, or electric cars, having excellent brakes). This makes them an enthusiast car, not something that reminds you of a golf cart. Porsche, Ford, and BMW among others offering again fast, exciting looking, cool electric cars. Cars that will draw attention in a parking lot with lots of questions and stares admiration. This is something that electric cars from even just about a decade or so would certainly not do. Electricity Is the way forward, and its exciting to imagine what amazing electric cars the future will bring.

Photo by Gautam Sudarsan on Pexels.com

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