From Reds Fan to Red Sox

Photo courtesy of Jacob Webb
Jacob Webb pitching for Miami of Ohio

Jacob Webb was the 14th round pick 406 overall of the Boston Red Sox in the 2021 MLB Draft out of Miami Ohio. 

Webb explained the draft process of getting from a smaller baseball school.

“… I started my college career at a junior college, Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio. And I played for two years. 2018, 2019. And then I eventually got recruited by Miami University. And then obviously, (in) 2020, the season was cut short, but…, I knew going into the 2021 season that I thought, at least in my mind, that I had a pretty good chance of getting picked up by somebody, and I just kind of made it my goal for that year, you know, to, obviously, give everything I had to my team and you know, pitch well for my team. But for me, it’s a goal for, I think, most every college baseball player to, you know, play at the next level. So, that was my goal. And I’m just blessed that it was able to happen.”

The Red Sox is a very storied franchise, obviously. What was it like being drafted by the Red Sox?

“… it was a thrill for sure. I mean, I would have been happy to …  been drafted by anybody, but … to be drafted by the Red Sox was a true blessing, you know, being drafted by such a historic franchise and a winning franchise. So I mean, I knew that it was going to be great and all. I really like all the coaches through the organization, the strength guys, all of the trainers. I really, really liked my first season with the organization.  It was a big learning experience as well. I learned a lot in the short time that we had. I think there’s only like three or four months left in the season, so I learned a lot in the short time I was there. Just definitely was blessed to be for them to, you know, use me as one of their picks. It was a great experience.”

Being from Ohio, were you a Reds guy and Indians guy or Guardians when you were growing up and Who was your favorite player to watch and idolize after?

“Yeah, so I was Red. I’ve been a Reds fan. Well I was a Reds fan my whole life. Love Cincinnati sports. Huge Bengals fan as well. So hopefully, they do well in the AFC Championship this week. And my favorite player growing up was probably Ken Griffey Jr. When he was with the Reds. I mean, he wasn’t great when he was with the Reds. He just brought so much excitement to Cincinnati and, you don’t get too much excitement Cincinnati besides right now with what the Bengals are doing, but, he is probably my favorite player. Him and Brandon Phillips were probably my favorite players growing up.”

The other thing with Griffey is  you can’t go wrong with Griffey.

Yeah he was already like one of the best players in baseball and well, …  unfortunately for him, he kind of got hit with the injury bug when he was with the Reds. So who knows what the Reds would have been like? … if he was, if he was healthy all the time. Like, how he was throughout the 90s…. he was the best player in baseball. He was my favorite player. I think he retired in 2008. He retired when I was like nine years old. I was always a huge fan of Brandon Phillips and like all the plays he made like his Gold Glove caliber defense.

Then who did you like to idolize your game after on the mound? Was there a specific pitcher that you liked?

“Yeah. I would say I really liked Trevor Bauer. I like how he attacks hitters, I like his pitch sequences and how he makes his pitches. And he’s just nasty. And I mean, especially when he played for the Reds I loved him. Now he plays for the Dodgers. He was definitely somebody that I liked, kind of idolized when I mean, he was with the Reds just a couple years ago. So I liked him a lot. I’d probably say I’d probably say Trevor Bauer, or another guy I like is Logan Webb, too. For the Giants. I think he’s disgusting. He’s nasty. … I like how I like how his pitches work, too. 

He’s bound for a breakout this year, if you didn’t know. 

Yeah, I mean, he was unreal in the playoffs. So I liked him a lot. I like his stuff. I like how he attacks hitters.”

I have two more questions. One being what was the transition from Miami of Ohio to FCL? And then even to Salem like?

Photo courtesy of Jacob Webb
Jacob Webb pitching for Miami of Ohio

Webb mentions that while in college it was an everyday thing it is not like it is in professional ball. He mentioned that in pro ball they would get to the field at like, probably like one o’clock, play the game at like, seven, and then you get home at like 11 o’clock. I think that the biggest challenge for this year is training your body to play for basically seven months, like, I’ve never done that in my life. So that’s, that’ll be, the biggest challenge for me, I think is that it’s an everyday thing for seven months straight. So, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m excited for it.  It’s gonna be a grind, but it’s hopefully then so well in the end, obviously, with a bigger view and a nice long shirt. Yeah, definitely. That’s the goal.” 

And then my last question is about the 2022 seasons right around the corner. Obviously you guys aren’t affected right now with the lockout. What are you looking forward to the most this upcoming season? Like what’s your goal? What are you striving for?

“My goal, man, is just to obviously, …  work my way up the ladder. It’s something I can control but, … you can’t let that type of stuff affect how you play. You can’t be like, Oh, I’m not getting moved up. You can’t let that stuff bother you. But I mean, that’s obviously the goal is to move up the ladder and you know, hopefully make it to the big leagues one day… the thing I’m most looking forward to is just experiencing this grind season with all these guys. I love the group of guys that we have, especially the guys that you know that I got drafted with last year . We became pretty close and they’re great guys and great competitors. So I’m really looking forward to it.

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