Greatest Metaphor For Life

Sports editor, Dominic Rice

Meet Dominic Rice, one of two Sports Editors for The SMCC Beacon. The reason Rice chose to do sports is because he believes sports is the best metaphor for life. Sports brings everybody together. Anybody can play a sport,any race, any background any sex it’s something that all of us individually can do. So, what Rice would like to do is talk about upcoming sports in the professional world, and maybe things that are even going on here at the school as well. Rice has been playing some type of sport his whole life: basketball, football and track and field. He plays Basketball in his free time as much as possible and it is his favorite sport. He goes to some NBA games as well. Rice also loves to travel, and enjoys nature and nice weather. He is majoring in communication and new media, maybe looking to learn more about sports and tie it to new media.

Many people start to play a sport at such a young age, and families can go together and watch a family member play a game. Athletics keeps your body in shape which is important to do as you grow older as well. You want to be in good shape. Sports are important to our everyday life, and you can learn and grow by playing a sport. If you are truly dedicated to the sport you can  fall in love with the game and make a career out of it. Playing a sport can improve your work ethic and teaches you how to learn a skill, something everybody in the workforce needs.

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