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Free Training at SMCC

Did you know that SMCC offers some workforce training at zero cost? Currently, SMCC is offering a wide variety of short-term workforce training programs. These programs aim to teach in-demand skills and many of them are free. These programs are an amazing opportunity to learn trade skills and other things that you can use for the rest of your life. “It is vitally important during these uncertain times to train Mainers in skills that are in demand,” said Jim Whitten, SMCC Dean of Workforce Development. “These programs are offered at no cost to qualified applicants, who will gain the skills they need to begin new careers or advance in their current positions.”

Currently, SMCC’s Workforce Development Department is offering:

  • Amazon web services cloud developer training 
  • Construction institute
  • Early childhood education Bootcamp
  • Electric vehicle repair
  • EMT training
  • Advanced EMT training
  • Manufacturing technician training
  • Marine design training
  • Medical Assistant apprenticeship
  • Oil burner technician training
  • Phlebotomy school -NORDX
  • Surgical Technologist training
  • Welding training
  • Yamaha outboard motor repair training

Additional programs will be added in the future. Funding for the programs comes from the Maine Quality Centers, which is part of the Maine Community College System and provides grants for workforce training that is delivered through SMCC and Maine’s other community colleges. If you would like any more information you can contact: or 207-741-5862 today.

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